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Training Services & Courses provided by Osprey Scientific Inc.

Osprey Scientific provides training courses for field staff to make more efficient and informative decisions in the field. Courses offered are:

  • 1-2 Day Environmental Field Analytics Course
  • Equipment Operation, Calibration & Maintenance Course
  • Hands-On, Practical Step-By Step Test Kit Methodology & Theory
  • Personal Safety Training: RKI GX-2003, GX-2009, and GX-2012. Certificates Provided with 80% Pass
  • 2-Hour and 4-Hour training classes on specific equipment personalized to your equipment needs.

We are also offering the following Lunch & Learns for the 2017 year:

1.Field Screening of soils for Hydrocarbon Contamination

 This is a 45 minute presentations to cover the use of Head Space using combustible gas meters and Photoionization Detectors to do Bore Hole Logs or build a basic distribution of contaminates to develop a conceptional site model. For more complex evaluation, a short discussion and demonstration of PetroFlag, and the application of portable GC, IR soil analysis and immunoassay for select PAH’s.

 2.Water Quality measurements for Ground Water Monitoring

 This is a 45 minute presentation to cover the theory, operation and maintenance of the primary water quality meters which includes conductivity, pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and temperature. Other topics included multi-meters, water level basics, slow flow ground water monitoring an introduction.

Check out our Events page to register or review any upcoming courses. Courses are offered at customers request as well. Contact us today for more details and course information.


or call: 1.800.560.4402