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Rent from Osprey Scientific Inc.

AMS Dutch Auger

The Dutch Auger will cut through highly fibrous and heavily rooted soils. The unique open design of the Dutch Auger also allows for easier removal of hard or wet soils.

GX2009 or GX2012 Personal Safety Monitors

GX2009 4 Gas (LEL/PPM, O2, H2S, CO)

GX2012 5 Gas (% Vol. LEL/PPM, O2, H2S, CO) with sample draw pump.

RKI Eagle & Eagle 2

Eagle for LEL & PPM Hydrocarbon detection.

Eagle 2 with additional PID for VOC’s

4 Gas units (LEL/PPM, O2, H2S, CO) Available on both units.

6 Gas unit (LEL(CAT)/CH4(IR Auto-ranging)/Oxy/H2S/CO/CO2(IR 0-60%vol) available on Eagle 2

MiniRAE 3000 PID

Photoionization Detector (PID) Unit for VOC’s (0-15,000ppm)

Field Scout Direct EC Soil Meter

Direct soil probe for conductivity measurement.

XRF Analyzer

Portable metal analysis ideal for ores, tailings, concentrates, borings, cores, fragments, slurries, filters and films.

Dexsil Petro Flag Analyzer

Portable field analyzer for the determination of total petroleum hydrocarbons in soil. *Reagents Sold Separately.

Single Parameter Water Quality

Oakton T-100 Turbidity Meter

Oakton DO (Dissolved Oxygen) 600 Meter

Multi-Parameter Water Quality

Oakton PC 450


Oakton PCD 650

pH/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature

YSI Pro Plus

Multi-Parameter meter for the measurement of pH/ORP/CON/DO/Temp.

*4m or 20m cable options available.

Global Water Flow Probe

Highly accurate water velocity meter for measuring flows in open channels or partially filled pipes.

Waterra Hydrolift/Power Pack

Portable, electric or gas powered device used to automate the Inertial Pump.

Geotech Portable Bladder Pump & Geocontrol PRO Controller

Single turn release head and quick change bladders allow for quick, in-the-field bladder changes and easy decontamination. Sample from depths to 180ft (55m).

Peristaltic Pumps

Geotech Geopump II Peristaltic Pump

Barnant Peristaltic Pump

Geosub Sampling Pump & Controller

Stainless steel (SS) sampling pump. The SS Geosub operates with the Geotech SS Geosub Controller.

*150ft. or 200ft. foot cable available.

Heron Water Level & Interface Meters

dipper-T Water Level Meters. Available in 30, 60, 150 & 300m lengths.

Oil/Water Interface Meters. Available in 30m or 60m lengths.

Solinst 3001 LT Dataloggers

Ground and surface water datalogging for level, temperature, pressure. Available Barologger for barometric compensation

Yamaha Generator

Yamaha EF200iS Inverter Generator (2000 Watts)

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