Horiba LAQUA Twin Salt Meter

Only compact meter to measure sodium ion to calculate into NaCl based salt concentration unlike the conductivity converted meters.

Applications Include: Health management; food quality control*; dietary instruction

* Detection of salt in water only; electrolytes in oils cannot be measured


  • Auto-calibration function recognizes standards and is user-selectable for either one- or two-point calibrations.  
  • Temperature compensation 
  • IP67 waterproof 
  • Auto hold 
  • Automatic power off(30 minutes)

One meter – Six different methods

  1. Immersion – When you’re in the lab, you can test the sample in a beaker. Ensure the sensor guard cap is open.
  2. Scoop – Use as a scoop to test water, for example from a river.
  3. Drops – LAQUAtwin meters can measure sample volumes as low as 0.05 mL*2. Place a drop of the sample onto the sensor with a pipette. *2 Using the HORIBA sampling sheet, volumes down to 0.05 ml can be tests (except for conductivity measurements).
  4. Solid samples – Foods containing some moisture can be tested by placing a small piece directly onto the sensor.
  5. Powders – LAQUAtwin meters can also test dry powders. Simply place the powder sample onto the sensor, and drop on your defined volume of pure water.
  6. Paper and textiles – To test sheets of paper and textiles, cut up the sample into small pieces and place directly onto the sensor. Drop on your defined volume of pure water