Heron’s New Line of Water Level Meters

Heron Instruments has come out with a new/re-modeled line of their water level meters with more options and convenience.

Their “dipper-T” water level meter now comes standard as a four function unit, measuring static and falling head levels, but also able to determine the length of casing and well depth. The water level sensing probe can be easily removed at the link connection and substituted with either the Well Casing Indicator Probe or Well Depth Indicator Probe. You can purchase the dipper-T model with either probe, or both of them.

If you would rather a more economic version of the dipper-T and do not require the well casing or well depth probe, you can purchase their new “dipper-T2” model. This model is still capable of measuring both static and falling head levels, but the probe is not interchangeable.

Heron has also re-modeled their most economic water level meter, the Heron “water tape2”. This unit has the features of the “dipper-T2”, but comes with white polyethylene tape, reinforced with Kevlar, rather than premium, polyethylene coated yellow steel tape like the dipper-T2 and dipper-T.

Heron’s “little dipper” water level meter has also been updated, and is now called the “little dipper2”. It is a compact and light-weight meter that also measures both static and falling head levels.

For more information, visit: https://www.ospreyscientific.com/products/?fwp_manufacturer=heron-instruments